Hand Crafted by Keith Hanssen


Cash Money: 216 Points!

Check out Keith’s newest cue fresh out of his shop. 216 total points and valued at over $9,000.

Some pretty sweet green: titled ‘Cash Money’.




CashMoney9 CashMoney8 CashMoney6 CashMoney5 CashMoney4 CashMoney3





Razor Sharp Points!

Keith has been very busy working on new orders and pushing the limits of cue making. Take a look at Keith’s latest pictures and send us a message if you would like a Keith Kustom Kue. Email info@keithkues.com

54 Point Keith Kustom Kue (Tulipwood & Ebony w/ 2 Shafts)

Check out this new Keith Kustom with 54 points of Tulipwood and Ebony. Tulipwood forearm with 9 long, 9 medium Gaboon Ebony overlapping points with 18 tulipwood overlay points. It has a black Irish Linen wrap and a solid Gaboon Ebony butt section with 18 tulipwood points. Matching Tulipwood and Ebony ringwork at all positions, white linen phenolic ferrules and Kamui Black M tips. This cue is also signed and dated.

Cue comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and a detailed Blue Book cue value of $3690. The cue has 186 parts/inlays (286 including the 80 ebony inlays made for the rings) assembled with traditional machining methods for less than $20 per part/inlay.

Look for the new EZ Jump and EZ Jump/Break cues too. They are awesome! Videos too!

Thanks for looking!

Keith EZ Jump Kues

These are 2 brand new Keith EZ Jump Kues that are available! Keith’s EZ Jump Kues provide the shooter with great control and still allows you to jump the cue ball in a short distance. It is too EZ to jump with these cues, just let the cues do the work for you. The EZ Jump Cues are $195 – I have weights available of 6.5 oz and 6.0 oz.

Please email info(at)keithkues.com if you are interested.

Videos demonstrating the performance of these great cues will be posted soon!